CTOV: Operational Technical Centre of Wine, Spain

Promotion and security of the wines of Spain to everyone, worldwide.


The Operational Technical Centre of Wine (CTOV), a private entity founded by a Swiss multinational company, has created in Spain a project for the protection of the product against potential wine fraud or manipulation, as well as to improve its traceability.

CTOV, fully aware of the importance that wine has for Spain, which is the world's third largest producer, the first in terms of vine area and the second largest exporter by volume, after Italy, is working together with PDO’s regulatory boards (consejos reguladores), wineries and institutions to adapt its project to the industry's security and authentication needs.

CTOV also works together with the Sensory Analysis Laboratory, part of EquipoTeam headed by María Isabel Mijares, oenologist and vice president of FIJEV.

In a context where wine fraud and adulteration are the order of the day, Spanish wine makers are forced to defend the originality of their own product and to put up barriers against wine fraud that will cause them harm both economically and, above all, in terms of image.

CTOV offers, in addition to traditional security systems that have been successfully tested in other sectors, a certificate of sensory analysis, as well as a physical-chemical analysis of the wine's characteristics (specific unalterable metal compounds), which can be identified and used as proof.

Through this website, the general public has access to the information necessary to understand the characteristics of a wine and the security features present on its label to ensure its identification, through the visible code number.