Mission of the Royal Spanish Academy of Gastronomy

The mission of the Royal Spanish Academy of Gastronomy, following the rule of the International Academy, is similar to that of all other institutions of this kind, that is to set standards and collaborate with others – in this case with the world of gastronomy – to make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. The Academy has set itself specific objectives, such as the recovery, preservation and updating of traditional, folk and anonymous cuisine. The different peoples of Spain have made a huge effort over the generations to eat better. That is why it is so important, on the one hand, to help keep culinary traditions alive and, on the other, to support the creative "design cuisine" that has put Spain at the forefront of international gastronomy.

The Academy is a non-profit cultural organization. Its members are not cuisine "professionals", but rather enthusiasts with a strong interest in and knowledge of the subject, who want to work together to improve how and what people eat and drink in our country.